Friday, 6 July 2012

Keep our NHS Public: Demonstrate this Saturday in Northampton

Support a demonstration this Saturday (7th July) organised by Northampton Save Our Services (NSOS). The demonstration is a picket outside of the Virgin store on Abington Street, at 10.30am.

Dave Green writes:
"Save Our Public Services Supporters are calling for support for the latest protests around the country, that have been initiated by the national campaign 'Keep Our NHS Public', against the takeover of our Health Service by the likes of Richard Branson's Virgin corporation. Following the successful local and national protest on the 21st April, KNHSP has initiated more protests starting on the 30th June. 
Private organisations like Virgin are trying to cherry pick parts of the NHS that they see as being extremely profitable for their balance sheets, their owners and shareholders. We need to resist this encroachment into the NHS which was built to serve peoples health needs not line profiteers' pockets. 
So, join our latest protest that hopefully will be even more successful than the April one, consider making some placards and other material to bring along (although that will be provided) to make this protest colourful and relevant to the citizens of Northampton. We will have Branson face masks and leaflets for use on the day - but please bring along your own material as well (perhaps Virgin Health Care Cards, Fly miles credits for heart and stroke patients treated at Virgin health care facilities, etc etc). It has been suggested that we have some focus around the fact that Virgin have a fitness centre in Northampton as well as now running two surgeries in the town! So Virgin make a profit if you are fit or ill! 
The campaign against the effects of the recent coalition health and welfare bill needs to continue so that we resist, here and nationally, the break up of universal health care for all, and introduction of a US style health service (or should that be disservice?). 
Please get your organisation and friends on board to support this initiative and ongoing activity to 'Keep our NHS Public'."
Contact 01604 752588 or email for more details.


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