Friday, 6 May 2011

Election Results from Wellingborough: BNP humiliated; Labour make small gains

The full election results for the Wellingborough Council elections can be found at the following web-site:

It is clear that the results represent a small advance for the Labour Party - moving from five Councillors to nine - however well short of the Conservatives, who still dominate the Council.

The biggest shock of the night though was the humiliation of the BNP whose percentage of the vote dropped dramatically from previous local elections and they came bottom of the poll in all three of the Wards where they stood. The full election results for the three Wards they stood in was as follows:

Brickhill Ward
Allebone Con 948 Elected
Ashton Lab 713
Coombe Lab 618
Hornett Green 385
Lawman Con 926 Elected
Simmons Con 783 Elected
Walker BNP 180 (3.95%)

Redwell East
Abram Lab 519
Harrington Con 964 Elected
Robinson BNP 146 (5.58%)
Warwick Con 988 Elected

Queensway Ward
Callnon Con 518
Dean Con 562
Henley Lab 644 Elected
Hornett Green 159
Robinson BNP 145 (3.95%)
Scarborough Lab 574 Elected
Walia Con 490
Watts Lab 575 Elected

Even the local BNP themselves acknowledge the scale of this humiliation with a classic of understatement: " it proved not to be a good day at the polls for the British National Party".


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