Saturday, 7 May 2011

BNP Humiliation continues across Northamptonshire. But England moves rightwards

The election results for Borough and District Councils across Northamptonshire are now in .

The percentage of votes for the BNP across the County varies from a maximum of 8.4% in Corby (Rowlett) to a minimum of 3.07% in Northampton (Delapre). Overall the average for the BNP across the county was 5.13%. This compares with percentages at the last local elections of double this. Their vote across the county has virtually collapsed. In addition this is bad because the BNP had free reign as the sole standard bearer of the "fascist/far right", with no candidates from the English Democrats or UKIP in competition with them.

The BNP must be particularly disappointed (gutted?) with their vote in Northampton (Westone). This was an area they had focused huge resources and effort over recent months in trying to stir up hatred and prejudice against a planning application for a Muslim community centre. Their "reward" for all this effort came to virtually nothing! The planning application was also passed!

The full list of BNP percentages in Northamptonshire:

Corby East  4.6%
Corby (Rowlett)  8.4%

Kettering (Avondale/Grange)  6.8%

Northampton (Delapre) 3.07%
Northampton (Kingsthorpe)  5.39%
Northampton (Westone)  6.43%

Rushden (Hayden)  3.56%
Rushden (Spencer)  4.86%
Rushden (Pembereton)  4.97%

Wellingorough (Brickhill) 3.95%
Wellingborough Queensway) 3.95%
Wellingborough (Redwell East)  5.58%

A big "thank you" must be extended to all those people who devoted time and effort in opposing the BNP through Hope Not Hate campaigning. Well done!

Despite this set-back for the BNP we must be eternally vigilant to the activities of the far-right/neo-fascists. They have not gone away - they are just licking the their wounds.

It must also be of concern that (as the BNP rightly say from time to time) their reactionary policies are often adopted by other parties as the general political culture in England (in particular) moves rightwards under this ConDem coalition. The collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote has benefited the Tories and will enable them to move even further to the right. What the LibDems will do now (both as a political party and as part of the government) is anyone's guess - but whatever they do it will be as a consequence to a growing melt-down in support. They are between the devil and the deep-blue sea. But the future for progressive, socialist, politics is also now very much weaker. There are also few signs that (New?) Labour is recovering to any great extent and Left/Green/Progressive/Socialist groups outside of the Labour Party are splintered and divided.

I remember the 1980's. They were bleak days indeed during the almost total hegemony of  Thatcherite policies and government. It looks increasing like the the next five to ten years could be similar - although potentially far worse - as Cameron and Co (with Clegg providing a "liberal" veneer) seems even more determined than Thatcher to shift even more wealth, income and power towards the private sector and the rich and devastate public services in the process. The BNP (or their equivalent) may well find new ways to exploit the dissatisfaction that will emerge - but by playing on people's worse fears, prejudices and insecurities to set one group against another - rather (than as the Left seeks) to unite all peoples in struggle against injustice irrespective of their race, colour or religion.



  1. Paul, for someone that stood as a General Election candidate for Wellingborough and Rushden, you should know that Hayden ward is in Rushden, not Corby!

  2. Sorry - more haste less speed . Just human I suppose.

  3. Just edited my blog to make correction as indicated above