Friday, 7 May 2010

General Election Result for Wellingborough Constituency (2010)

Barron, Kevin Charles (Liberal Democrats) 8848 (17.1%)
Bone, Peter William (Conservative) 24918 (48.2%)
Buckland, Jayne (Labour) 13131 (25.4%)
Crofts, Paul James (TU & Socialist) 249 (0.5%)
Donaldson, Gary Alan (Independent) 240 (0.5%)

Haynes, Adrian (UKIP) 1636 (3.2%)
Hornett, Jonathan Terence (Green) 480 (1.0%)
Lavin, Marcus (Independent) 33 (0.01%)
Spencer, Terry (English Democrats) 530 (1.0%)
Walker, Robert (BNP) 1596 (3.1%)
Spoilt Votes 73


I am a tad disappointed with the result for me, but perhaps its not surprising really. Only way now is up!?

Good that the BNP lost its deposit with only 3.1% and they have failed to make any headway nationally in a context of rising xenophobia across Europe and what they may think is fertile soil. However the performance of far-rights groups overall (including UKIP and the English Democrats) should of great concern to all of us.

Very poor result for Labour who must be the most disappointed. Wellingborough & Rushden constituency has moved from a Lab/Tory marginal over the past decade or so and returned to being a solid Tory seat. There are now only Tory MPs in Northamptonshire. Combine this with a Tory County Council, and only one Labour district council (Corby), things are looking pretty dire for the centre-left.

Thanks, again, to everyone who supported my/TUSC's campaign. We did well in laying the foundations for future resistance to the impending attacks on the public sector that we can expect over the next period.

I am knackered and going back to bed!



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