Friday, 7 May 2010

An after-thought

I get the impression that this has been an elections in which no one seems worked up or excited or has any feeling that a better future may be possible - almost a depressing sense of doom hangs over it with people voting out of historic loyalty, against things (EU, immigration, the "other" - rather than for something) or for the "least worse" option or for narrow self-interest. Not even Ester Rantzen could work up any support!

Only bright spark was in Brighton with the election of the first Green MP - Brighton must be a good place to be today.

At the polling station in my Ward in previous local and general elections there has been a load of people outside from all the parties with a certain buzz and excitement about it. This year there was no one - and people just came to vote with hardly a smile on their faces. Depressing.

I'm now definitely going back to bed....



  1. Good to see I am not the only one worried about the bigger impact this election may have on our democracy!1

    Well done Paul anyway for making a stand, it just was never going to be an election for the smaller arties to break through the medias self promoted circus and their obsession with the big three

  2. Cheer up, Paul. The view from this side of the Irish Sea is that it was a weird old election in Britain.

    It looks like there is little appetite for the Tories. The media phenomena that was Clegg-mania came to nought. New Labour is dead in the water. And Nick Clegg and the BNP got whacked. And as you say, Caroline Lucas took BP.

    It ain't over yet. History takes along time and I think we'll all be back in the polling booths shortly.

    Fair play to you for flying the flag.

    Best wishes from Belfast...

  3. Seems as though absolutely everyone from every shade of the political spectrum was disappointed by th election results - so you weren't an exception. Elections always scare me because it makes me realise what a small world I inhabit when I see just how many people vote for parties and principles that are so entirely alien to me. If the Tories do put together a government then people will get what they deserve and it won't be pretty.

    Nil desperandum.

  4. Sorry that you didn't get more votes in the election, but I think the whole of the left-of-Labour vote was squeezed with people who may have voted for alternatives desperately trying to keep the Tories out and returning to Labour. It was still well worth standing and raising the socialist banner in my opinion though.