Saturday, 27 March 2010

Local Socialist to stand in general election

The local group Independent Socialists in Wellingborough, supported by the national Trade Union and Socialists Coalition, has decided to stand a candidate in the General Election in the Wellingborough and Rushden Constituency.

In a statement issued today it was announced that w
ell-know Wellingborough Councillor and campaigner, Paul Crofts (yes it is me!), has agreed to stand as a socialist candidate. In a statement issued today I said:

“I am delighted to be standing in this election in Wellingborough and Rushden as a Socialist candidate. I will be asking people to vote for socialist values and principles; to vote for an alternative to cutbacks, job losses and worsening public services; for fairness and justice in who pays for the current economic crisis; for the most privileged and wealthy to pay their fair share; for human rights, dignity and respect; and for measures now to prevent our global world from impending environmental, economic and social disaster.

This country is the sixth richest in the world, but is also one of most unequal and the most unhappy. The rich are paying half as much tax as 40 years ago, the poorest are paying twice as much. This is just not fair and it must change.

In short, I will be saying to the people of Wellingborough and Rushden: you can vote for an alternative, you can vote positively for someone who represents your values and we can together create a better and just world for all

My Biography:

I am married to Petra and have two daughters - Melanie and Hannah. I have lived in Wellingborough since 1982 and worked for Northamptonshire Racial Equality Council until 2004. Since then I have
worked at the University of Northampton and am UNISON trade union steward.

From 1993 I was elected a Councillor, representing Castle Ward, on Wellingborough Council, for the Labour Party (until 2005) and subsequently as an “independent socialist”.

On Wellingborough Council, I served as Chair of the Council's Economic and Environment Committee and was for a period deputy leader of the Labour Party group.

In 2005 I resigned from the Labour Party over profound differences with the Labour Government, particularly over the war in Iraq and policies in relation to education, housing and human rights. Since this time my concerns about the policies and morality of the Labour government have vindicated this decision to resign.

I am not now a member of any political party and I'm staunchly protective of my independence of thought and action, but I am proud to described myself as a “socialist” and will vigorously fight for ordinary people’s rights, for fairness and justice. In this general election I am supported by the local group Independent Socialists in Wellingborough and by the national Trade Union and Socialist Coalition.

I have been involved in several community organisations, including the Wellingborough Welfare Rights Advice Group, Northamptonshire Racial Equality Council and the Victoria Centre. I am also a member of Amnesty International, UNICEF and Friends of the Earth. When I have time (and the weather is good!) I enjoy walking, gardening and photography.



  1. Good luck Paul. I'm standing in Leicester West for TUSC- Patricia Hewitt's current seat! She is standing down to be replaced by someone who was her "special advisor" whilst she was a government minister (not sure she advised on her business dealings though!)
    I have posted a link to this blog on the TUSC national facebook page

  2. Good Luck Paul, I hope the campaign goes well.

    My feet are already killing me!