Friday, 7 March 2008

Comments on my blog

Unfortunately I have had to introduce a system of moderation before comments can be posted to my blog. This followed a number of comments posted by the BNP. My position on this is clear: I will not allow my blog site to be used by fascists in order to spead their message of hate. At some point in the near future I hope to re-start "open" comments again.

Paul Crofts

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  1. Cllr Tony Sharp is also having problems with BNP posters attempting to use his blog for their own political ends: This is what Tony Sharp has to say:

    My blog is not going to be used as a BNP soapbox; and "Larry Nunn" it is not going to be used to make intimdatory comments concerning other contributors.

    I tolerate different opinions and views, however odious and intolerant they are. But I draw the line at the BNP's party political hijacking of this thread to spread an ideology I detest.