Wednesday, 13 February 2008

More Islamaphobia - and its antidote!

Following my earlier posting (It’s Islamaphobia, Stupid -see below), the following comments were made on the blog of fellow Wellingborough (Tory) Councillor, Tony Sharp. If you want examples of Islamaphobia in action you need hardly look much further:

"However I would warn against falling into the trap of adopting the phrase Islamophobia. And regarding it as a bad thing, in the same way that racism is a bad thing.Fear of Islam is quite rational based on the beliefs of the religion and they way it causes people to behave once it gets the upper hand.Anyone who isn't Islamophobic has either already surrendered to Islam ( which is what being a Muslim means) or hasn't understood what the religion stands for and its world view.What is irrational is the Islmophilia (sic) from the mostly atheists of the left." (Man in a Shed)

It wouldn't matter if it were Islam or what it was. It is just a corrosive counter-culture trying to impose itself over ours. Things always are simplistic in the end. (Bretwalda Edwin-Higham)

"many in the media do not understand that for many of us what they call islamaphobia is a carefuly thought out and considered stance of long standing.I suppose they find it difficult to believe that anybody could have a position founded on facts rather than guilt driven envy and hate...thebedrock for many nulabour supporters beliefs." (thud)

"The fear of Islam, its beliefs and method of expansion and gaining of power and then its treatment of infidel once it has gained power seems a rational enough reaction." (Man in a Shed)

If however you want an antidote to Islamaphobia you may want to have a look at this video-clip made by US Muslims:

Or try: (The Muslim Parliament)

Or: (British Muslims for Secular Democracy)

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  1. Yes, Man in a Shed and Tony Sharp seem essentially correct here.