Saturday, 27 October 2007

Tory Councillor on “Trial”

On Wednesday October 30th in Wellingborough Council’s Committee Room at Swanspool House, starting at 9.30, there will be a public hearing of the Standards Committee. It will be hearing allegations that, without authority and against the decision of the council, leading Tory Councillor (and Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee) Lora Lawman used her position on the council to arrange an invitation for her husband (Cllr. Graham Lawman) to attend the official twinning visit to Wittlich, Germany, in September 2006; Cllr. Graham Lawman therefore gained the advantage of attendance at all official functions and events in Wittlich although he was not a member of the official delegation. By doing so, Cllr. Lawman thereby breached the Council’s Code of Conduct.

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