Saturday, 27 October 2007

Scandal at the Castle

At the meeting of Wellingborough Council on Tuesday, it became clear that no Board members of the Castle Theatre will be held accountable for allowing half-a-million pounds to be taken from its bank accounts over a period of several years. It has been found this only occurred because one person (the person who stole the money) authorised BACS payments (into her own account!!). This was not spotted until a new Director was appointed last year. The Castle Theatre had no proper financial procedures and the Board undertook no checks on financial arrangements. It is, of course, only coincidence that the leading members of the Board at the Castle (including its long-standing Chair, Cllr. Partridge-Underwood) are all serving Tory members of the Council, including three of the last four Mayors. If this was any other organisation funded by the Council, imagine the uproar that would follow – but not if the organisation concerned is run by Tory Councillors it seems.

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