Saturday, 28 March 2015

Great wealth exists in the UK alongside unimaginable poverty

Since 2009 executive pay has soared and the number of billionaires has increased, while food bank use has rocketed and pay for ordinary workers has fallen


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Explaining the data
The data on UK billionaires is taken from the Sunday Times rich list, which can be read on-line, for a subscription fee. The data on executive pay was compiled for the High Pay Centre by Incomes Data Services, who looked at pay for Directors of FTSE 350 companies, the 350 biggest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. You can read the full report here. The Office for National Statisticsrecords figures for wages across the whole UK workforce. Both directors’ and workers’ pay has been adjusted for inflation. Finally, the number  of people given at least 3 days worth of food by a Trussel Trust foodbank is taken from the Trust’s website.


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