Friday, 14 November 2014

Launch of a Northamptonshire Palestine Solidarity Campaign

On Thursday, November 27th at 7.00pm in the Friends Meeting House, Northall Street, Kettering NN16 8DS there be the launch of Northamptonshire Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC).

Please support this initiative if you believe in:

  • self determination for the Palestinian people
  • the right of return for Palestinian refugees
  • the withdrawal of the Israeli state from illegally occupied territories 
  • the rights of the Palestinian people to live in peace with justice, human rights and freedom from Israeli aggression
  • promoting Palestinian civil society 
  • opposing racism (including anti-Jewish prejudice) 
  • opposing the apartheid and Zionist nature of the Israeli state 

This meeting is a public meeting and open to all who support the above aims and/or are genuinely interested in knowing more about the just cause of the Palestinian people.

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