Friday, 7 March 2014

A Tribute to Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger and Woodie Guthrie 1950

You know, this language that we speak
Is part German, part Latin and part Greek,
With some Celtic and Arabic all in the heap,
Well amended by the man in the street.
Choctaw gave us the word ‘okay’,
‘Vamoose’ is a word from Mexico way,
And all this is a hint, I suspect,
Of what comes next.

Chorus: I think that this whole world,
I think that this whole wide world,
Soon, mama, my whole world,
Soon gonna be got mixed up.

I like Polish sausage, I like Spanish rice;
Pizza pie is also nice.
Corn and beans from the Indians here,
Washed down by some German beer.
Marco Polo travelled by camel and pony,
Brought to Italy the first macaroni;
And you and I, as well as we’re able,
Put it all on the table.

There were no redheaded Irishmen
Before the Vikings landed in Ireland;
How many Romans had dark curly hair
Before they brought slaves from Africa?
No race of man is completely pure,
Nor is any man’s mind, and that’s for sure;
The winds mix up the dust of every land,
And so will man.

This doesn’t mean we must all be the same,
We’ll have different faces and different names;
Long live many different kinds of races,
And it’s difference of opinion that makes horse races.
Just remember the rule about rules, brother:
‘What’s right with one is wrong with another’;
And take a tip from La Belle France,
Vive la différence!

Pete Seeger


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