Friday, 7 February 2014

Who owns all the land? 1% owns 47%

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Explaining the data:
This information comes from Kevin Cahill’s comprehensive analysis of land ownership in Britain, Who Owns Britain (Canongate, 2002).



  1. So much for the "property owning democracy" so loved by the Tories and actively promoted by Margaret Thatcher. It was, of course, always a myth and a lie!

  2. The top ten British landowners are:-
    1. Forestry Commission. (The state): 2,400,000 acres
    2.Ministry of Defence (The state): 750,000 acres
    3. The National Trust: 550,000 acres
    4. Pension funds 500,000 acres
    5. Utilities water, coal etc 500,000 acres
    6. The Crown Estate: 384,000 acres approx (The Queen personally)
    7. The RSPB: 283,000 acres
    8. Duke of Buccleuch: 277,000 acres
    9 . National Trust for Scotland: 176,000 acres
    10. Duke of Atholls' Trusts: 147,000 acres
    The aristocracy still own a third of the country, many of the old aristocratic estates and country piles are of great historical significance and really should be kept in one piece but everyone will have their opinion of how to accomplish this.

  3. ....and there is many among that 53% that own northing at all!

    Sorry are aspirational land owners.