Friday, 7 September 2012

Welcome to the new Equality Minister: A correction

Yesterday I posted on my blog a poster under the title "Welcome to the new Equality Minister". Later that day I received an email from a friend who alerted me to possible inaccuracies contained in this poster. On receiving this information I decided to remove the post from my blog.

This information can be viewed at:

This is the danger of the internet. We often trust information sources that send us information without checking the accuracy (because we are either lazy, or trust the source, or don't have the time to check ourselves!?), but then possible misinformation can rapidly spread around the internet as people re-tweet or re-post or send emails out to groups of people en mass.

Whilst I do not like the new Tory Equality Minister (she is after all as Tory!!) and some of the information contained in the poster may broadly reflect her views be, I do not think it serves progressive politics to circulate possible or actual inaccuracies to score political points. This is what the populist media and/or far-right do to discredit their political opponents, but I don't wish to be associated with such politics from a "left" perspective.


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