Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Guest Poem: Dear Mr. Cameron.....

I was sent this poem by a friend and I thought it worth putting on my blog. I am not sure who the author is, but would like to congratulate them for summing up so eloquently how so many people feel.
Dear Mr. Cameron, you say we're broken and sick
But we're just sick of being broke and putting up with this shit.
Its not pockets of society, it’s about society's pockets
This country eats its young, it’s up to us to stop it
Our Tuition fees tripled and EMA axed
20% V.A.T. and even more and more tax

Tell us Mr. Cameron, how are we supposed to cope?
Growing up with no future, no voice and no hope.
Born into a greedy, materialistic world
Money loving capitalistic little boys and girls

We looted JD and Argos, you say its 'criminal and senseless'
But MPs can take kickbacks disguised as 'expenses'
'Do as I say not as I do' is the governments call
As Banks take the piss and we ALL take the fall
Police and Parliament call us rioters and ‘moral lacking’ vandals
Whilst the Chief Commissioner AND Assistant resign over 'Hacking' scandals

Where do we find good, honest role models to follow?
When our so called should-be leaders are so shallow and hollow
So we're left jaded, misguided and ultimately lost
As we rage against the machine you're just counting the cost
Instead of examining the problem to get to the root
You ignore all the signs and turn a blind eye to truth

Please Mr Cameron don't just react to save face
Don't play Mr. Tough to make the public feel safe
Your 'Fightback' campaign and the 'all nighter' courts
May have sent out a 'message' but justice fell short

BBC and SKY News distorting the facts
Subtlety pitching the whites against blacks
But this ain't about colour, race, or aggression
It's about the corruption that caused the recession

Violence is not acceptable Mr Cameron we agree
But if it wasn't for the riots would you even see me?
Would you see the gangs or the deprived neighbourhoods
Or the fact the property ladder is off bounds for good
We regret loss of life, we regret we caused harm
R.I.P. Shazad Ali, Abdul Musavir and Haroon Jahan

Mark Duggan’s death was not the cause of the riot.
His family's protest was peaceful and quiet.
Still 333 deaths since 1998
By the hands of Police but not ONE prosecution to date
There's only so much a young nation can take.
But you squeeze and you push, and you bend ‘til we break
Then we blow leaving anarchy and chaos in our wake
So learn a lesson Mr Cameron don't repeat the mistake
You have choice wrong or right but which will you choose?
Signed: A generation with nothing to lose.

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