Friday, 4 February 2011

Speak Out! Have Your Say! A Call from Wellingborough Anti-Cuts Coalition

A Statement was issued by Wellingborough Anti-Cuts Coalition this morning:

The Resources Committee of Wellingborough Borough Council is meeting on Wednesday, 9th February at 7:00pm. The Wellingborough Anti Cuts Coalition is calling for all those who are opposed to the public sector cuts to take this opportunity to voice their opposition and put questions and speak to the Resources Committee.

Show the Council that there are people in the town that want to defend public services, do not see the cuts as inevitable, and will do what is necessary to oppose policies which punish the most vulnerable in our society.

There are alternatives to the slash and burn tactics of this administration that the local council are refusing to even countenance. It’s time we made them listen.


Meet outside the Council offices at Swanspool House at 6:30pm, on Wednesday 9th February with banners and flags to greet the Councillors as they arrive.

To speak or put a question to the Committee it is necessary to apply by 5pm the working day before the Committee meeting at the latest. Go to link below for guidance

Defend Our Public Services!
Resist Cuts!
There are alternatives!

Wellingborough Council is proposing to reduce its expenditure next year by 25% as a result of government cut in its grant. Local democracy and accountability is being destroyed. Local councillors do not want to make these cuts but are being forced to do so. The Leaders of Wellingborough Council have been trying to keep these cuts secret and to prevent the public from having their say.

These cuts will have devastating impacts
  • Massive cuts in services to the people of Wellingborough. Do not be fooled by those who tell you it “won’t affect front line services”. These cuts will hurt!
  • Massive Reductions in staff by up to 30%. Staff morale on the council is at an all-time low. The implications for essential services of cutting so many jobs at the council has not been disclosed by the Council nor have serious alternatives to cuts been explored and discussed with the people of Wellingborough
Just some of the additional cuts proposed:

  • Cut funding to the Castle Theatre, Weaver Sports Centre, Glamis Hall and charitable/voluntary organisations - who provide vital services to the elderly, disabled, the vulnerable and the poorest
  • Closing the Economic Development section - which supports local businesses and the local economy to grow and provide jobs
  • Cut refuse collection
  • Cut environmental health services – increasing the risks to health and safety of the people of Wellingborough
Don’t destroy Wellingborough Council

Defend local Democracy and End Secrecy

Defend Essential Services

Speak Out!!

Wellingborough Anti-Cuts Coalition (WACC) was formed by trade unionists from UNISON, UNITE and PCS with the express aims of opposing the assault on the public sector and of publicising alternatives to the spending cuts. We are open to all members of the public who are opposed to the cuts. For more information call Craig on 07855 988073 or email


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  1. I oppose the cuts too, but I don't understand where the money is going to come from to fund the things we want to save. The central government grant isn't going to miraculously come back, so where else is the money to come from? Whilst I'd happily see the council change it's plans, it seems to me that trying to stop cuts in one area simply means cuts in another. Are there things worth the £1.4 million that WBC is doing that it should stop in order to fund other stuff? I know there's some things that should go, but I can't get them to add up to "enough"

    I wholeheartedly support changes at a national level so that the local grants can be restored.