Thursday, 13 January 2011

Holocaust Memorial Day activities in Wellingborough

Following on from my previous blog, and highly relevant in todays context, it is the time of the year that we especially commemorate those who died during the Nazi Holocaust as we commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day , which is on January 27th.

We must continually learn and re-learn the lessons from this humanitarian tragedy, particularly how easy it can be to scapegoat religious, racial or ethnic minorities and blame them for todays ills, or to turn on them in nasty, prejudicial and hateful ways. We must continual resist and challenge those who wish to turn one group of people against another based around human difference, in any part of the UK or across the world.

Activities in Wellingborough to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day:

Saturday January 22 at 10.30, Wellingborough Museum (near The Castle Theatre): Ruth Michaelis will be sharing her childhood expereinces of the Holocaust. Tickets are free but booking is essential. Telephone (01933) 276838

Saturday, January 22 at 12.30 and 1.30, Wellingborough Museum: "Hide and Seek". An interactive play that shares the stories of Holocaust survivors. Premiered by The Castle Youth Theatre. Free admission.

Sunday January 30 at 2.00pm in Swanspool Gardens, Doddington Road (by the Anne Frank tree): Wellingborough Council will be holding a remembrance event. Just turn up. For further details ring: (01933) 231986

"We carry on telling our stories because we were eye-witnesses. The most important thing is to tell people so this can never happen agaisn" Ibi Ginsburg, Holocaust survivor

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