Friday, 18 June 2010

United against disproportionate, unjustified and unjustifiable criminal actions

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution on the Israeli military operation against the humanitarian flotilla and the Gaza blockade.
Commenting on the vote, GUE/NGL MEP, Kyriacos Triantaphyllides, Vice-President of the EP delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council, said:

"At last the European Parliament has managed to express itself with one voice on the situation in Gaza through its common resolution, which was just passed with470 votes in favour 56 against, 56 abstentions, condemning the attack on the Freedom Flotilla, calling for an international and impartial inquiry into this attack and unequivocally calling for the immediate lifting of the siege on Gaza.

Unfortunately given its very nature this common resolution is the result of a compromise and falls short of our expectations in certain respects: as a result of Israel's actions the EU-Israel Association Agreement should be suspended, or at least significantly downgraded; we also have to ensure that those found guilty by the inquiry should be sent to the Hague and bear the consequences of their criminal actions".

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