Friday, 12 February 2010

Faith Schools - Are they Divisive?

Next Friday, 19 February 2010, there will be a debate on the controversial issue of faith schools - are they divisive? It will take place at the Victoria Centre, Palk Road Wellingborough at 7.45 pm (food from 7.00). Speakers include Father Andrew Behrens from St. Gregory's Catholic Church, Northampton and Paul Pettinger from the British Humanist Association. The debate will be chaired by Martin Heath, a reporter from BBC Radio Northampton.

Mike Matthews, one of the organisers of the debate, said today:

"Faith schools are an increasing part of our education system, with a number of schools both locally and nationally transfering recently from local authorities to faith organisations, particularly the Church of England (ULT). In other parts of the UK there are also growing demands for more faith schools run by Muslim and Hindu groups. Are these developments divisive, especially in the context of an increasingly secular society? Is is right to separate childen into schools representing the faith of their parents? Are faith schools not just another way for middle-class parents to get even more priveleges for their children? How do these developments stack up in the context of bringing our diverse society closer together, rather than increasing divisions? Do faith schools provide a spiritual and moral culture that state schools can't? These are some of the questions we hope this debate will address."

If you want to participate in this important debate - just turn up next Friday. It's free and open to everyone.

For more information contact: Mike Matthews:


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