Sunday, 22 November 2009

Rajinder Singh - is a bitter and sad Islamaphobe to be the first BNP Asian member?

Reports in both the Independent (Thursday) and The Times yesterday suggest that Rajinder Singh from Wellingborough may be the first "non-white" member of the BNP. In both reports Rajinder, a self described "Sikh", appears to be wearing a turban (but without a beard) - all rather surprising since over the past 25 years that I have known him he has never worn a turban!

In addition, he is described as a "schoolteacher" but, as far as I am aware, he has never taught in a school but was an English as a Second Language tutor at Wellingborough College - teaching adults who had recently arrived in the UK - just the sort of people BNP members love to hate.

But even more important than these deceptions (or misreporting by the press?) is Rajinder Singh's views about Muslims.

About six years ago I had cause to engage Mr. Singh in discussion about Muslims and, following a question to him about the 100 million plus Muslims living in India, he said that he would (whilst spitting venom) "eliminate them all" - and he was being deadly serious! At this point I immediately and firmly, but peacefully, escorted him from the multi-racial/faith Victoria Centre in Wellingborough where the discussion had taken place. He was not pleased!

My understanding is that Mr. Singh's hatred of Muslims comes out of the tragedy that was the partition of India in 1947 - where Muslims killed Sikhs and Hindus and Sikhs and Hindus killed Muslims - a tragedy for India and the world that saw over two million dead when the carnage ceased. Mr. Singh's family were caught up in this madness - with tragic consequences - and since this time he has carried a deep hatred for those who killed his family. But he has gone further - much further - now blaming all Muslims, and the Islamic faith itself, for his personal loss and now turns this into a personal crusade to warn us all of the "Muslim threat".

Such hated clearly goes deep and has affected his whole life. So the tragedy and the madness continue - this time for Mr. Singh as well, but now in the context of the UK and potentially within the fold of a racist and hate-filled political party.

If Rajinder Singh is prepared to advocate the murder and genocide of all Muslims in India, surely he would have little hesitation in recommending such a course of action against the much smaller British Muslim community? His hatred of Muslims in palpable.

Although it seems rather bizarre for Rajinder Singh to become a member of the racist BNP (who no doubt would have originally kept him and his family out of the UK - let alone their Party - or would now deport him and other like him if given half a chance) there is nevertheless a certain logic. He will, after all, be joining with like-minded people in the BNP - who have, or still do, support genocide and deny the holocaust. At one time it was "the Jews" they hated and wanted to eliminate, now it is "the Muslims". Who will be next on the list... I am sure people like Mr. Singh will be there somewhere?

Supping with the devil can be a dangerous game.


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  1. My worry is that the media and those with racist leanings will mearly ignore the obvious set up this is to legitimise the BNP.
    Keep putting us straight Paul